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Cosmetic Bonding

Maybe you bit on a fork and your front tooth is now chipped, or you have small gaps between your teeth that you want to cosmetically enhance your smile without doing veneers.


Cosmetic bonding might be the choice for you!

What is Cosmetic Bonding?


White (tooth) colored fillings have progressed and can now be used to help re-contour, re-enhance and restore front teeth! With multitudes of shades and hues to choose from, cosmetic composite fillings can mimic the lifelike, natural appearance of teeth. Plus, it's a very conservative procedure! 


  • Close small gaps

  • Fix small chips

  • Hide erosion spots


What to Expect

1-2 hour appointment (depends on amount of teeth)

Photos will be taken before we start to assess color shape and discuss goals at our office in Hayward, California.


If we’re looking for a cosmetic enhancement, we will need to take measurements of the teeth and discuss shape and harmony for your face.

We may or may not numb your teeth, but if you prefer to be anesthetized, we can help administer the local anesthesia. We will slightly bevel the tooth, which helps transition the composite color to the natural tooth color. We may have to use a combination of different composites to create a harmony of shades to mimic the natural appearance of teeth. Surprisingly, teeth are not just white! They are combinations of many, many different colors!

After the composite is applied, contoured and shaped and adjusted to your bite, a series of polishers will be used to create a lifelike luster.


In many cases of broken front teeth, you must be very careful with eating so that the composite filling does not chip or break. 

If cosmetic bonding is performed because of lost tooth structure after grinding, we recommend a night guard to be worn nightly to protect the restoration. 

Composite bondings can last for years as long as care is taken and upkeep is performed. Your dental care as well as your bite and occlusion will determine its longevity.

Contact Leung Dental

If you are looking for a caring and thorough dentist in the Hayward area, we encourage you to make an appointment with Dr. Wilson Leung and Dr. Katherine Leung by calling us at 510-886-8899, or by clicking here!


Each member of our staff is dedicated to ensuring that our patients are always comfortable and well-informed during their visits with us. We look forward to your call and welcoming you to the Leung Dental family.  

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