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Halitosis Treatment

Halitosis, also known as bad breath, can be caused by a variety of factors and is one of the most frequent concerns of oral health, many patients seek our office for preventative measures and treatment of halitosis.

What is Halitosis?


Halitosis is defined as "a persistent, unpleasant odor in exhaled breath, usually not serious, commonly called bad breath." 


When patients come to Leung Dental in Hayward to seek dental care for halitosis, we will conduct a thorough oral exam to determine the cause of your halitosis.


In most cases, halitosis is caused by poor oral hygiene. Other factors that may contribute to halitosis could be severely decayed teeth, lingering food particles, gum disease, medical conditions (such as sinus issues), or dry mouth.

What to Expect



For most individuals, halitosis can be treated or prevented by brushing their teeth and tongue with a fluoride toothpaste and flossing to remove plaque and food debris on teeth twice a day. There has been many studies that show proper oral hygiene habits significantly decrease gum bleeding as well as eliminate bad breath.

Drinking more fluids can also help with halitosis if you find that you have dry mouth. Certain medical conditions may also exacerbate symptoms of halitosis. Dr. Leung will discuss this with you further to help identify the source. You may need to incorporate cleaning your tongue more often as well as adjusting certain foods in your diet.




Cleaning, scraping or brushing your tongue is very important in battling bad breath! There are various tongue scrapers or toothbrushes available with a tongue cleaner on the back of the brush.


After brushing your teeth, flip the brush over and place the cleaner on the tongue to effectively remove odor-causing bacteria.




Regular check-ups with Dr. Leung will help detect any physical complications that may cause halitosis. Routine cleanings also eliminate built up plaque and bacteria. If you believe you suffer from bad breath, Dr. Wilson Leung and Dr. Katherine Leung can help identify the source, and provide ways to prevent or treat your concerning oral condition.


Bad Breath? Info guide from ADA

Contact Leung Dental

If you are looking for a caring and thorough dentist in the Hayward area, we encourage you to make an appointment with Dr. Wilson Leung and Dr. Katherine Leung by calling us at 510-886-8899, or by clicking here!


Each member of our staff is dedicated to ensuring that our patients are always comfortable and well-informed during their visits with us. We look forward to your call and welcoming you to the Leung Dental family.  

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