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Dr. Katherine Leung

Scaling and Root Planing

Has it been a couple of years since your last cleaning? Do your gums feel really sore? Do you find yourself bleeding a lot while brushing and flossing? 


What you may not realize is that your breath will start to represent the health of your gums.


It may be time for you to be evaluated for a deep cleaning or what we call a scaling and root planing.

What is scaling and

root planing?

Some patients require more than the routine preventative tooth and gum cleaning.


Deep cleanings help alleviate many dental health problems by removing soft or hardened plaque from under the gum line. This facilitates the healing of gums, and preventing tooth and bone loss and the spread of gum disease (periodontitis).


  • Continuous bleeding when brushing and flossing

  • freshened by mouthwash-Foul odor to your breath that is not

  • Red, puffy inflamed gums that lack a healthy stippled appearance

  • Large black triangles between your teeth which represents bone loss

  • Deep pockets where food and bacteria get caught beneath your gums

What to Expect


1-2 appointments

After a full examination and routine dental prophylaxis is completed, accompanied by a full set of dental radiographs and full mouth periodontal assessment, you will be scheduled to start your quadrant scaling and root planing. We normally suggest you split this into two appointments - one appointment for the right side, and one for the left side, so your face is not entirely numb.

After full local anesthesia is achieved, a combination of ultrasonic instruments and hand scalers will be used to gently, yet efficiently remove the calculus buildup from your teeth. The procedure typically lasts 30-45 minutes per quadrant (quarter of your mouth) and all steps will be taken to ensure comfort during the entire procedure.


If broken up into two separate appointments, Dr. Leung will prescribe a medicated mouthrinse that is proven to improve healing to your tissues in the week between your appointments.

Once completed, your periodontal recall will consist of an appointment in three months. This is so we can assess how well your gums are healing, whether your pocket depths are reduced, pocket and your home maintenance.


It is suggested to stay on a three to four month recall for routine dental cleanings until the bacteria is removed, your home care has improved, and pockets have decreased to a manageable depth.


We will guide you through every step of the way!

Contact Leung Dental

If you are looking for a caring and thorough dentist in the Hayward area, we encourage you to make an appointment with Dr. Wilson Leung and Dr. Katherine Leung by calling us at 510-886-8899, or by clicking here!


Each member of our staff is dedicated to ensuring that our patients are always comfortable and well-informed during their visits with us. We look forward to your call and welcoming you to the Leung Dental family.  

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